About Us

Hello, my name is Rob Bower. My family and friends call me Papa Roc. Welcome to our webpage. Hopefully you will find new recipes, new ideas, and new friends. We welcome questions, answers, and any ideas you would like to share. I started bbqing when I was just 7 years old. I have cooked with a lot of different cooks and I’ve learned from each and every person. I enjoy smoking low and slow meats using different techniques, injection, rubs and marinating. Most of my reason for cooking and smoking is the joy of family and friends getting together after a long week at work. Relaxing and laughing while eating food that explodes in your mouth with flavor. I have 4 children (all grown) with 6 grandchildren. They love to come to Papa Roc’s House because of the food and love that go hand in hand. Enjoy the website and most of all enjoy the special memories that are made with your family and friends.

Thanks for visiting.

Rob Bower “Papa Roc”

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